best ratings of cleaning companies in calgary



Thanks for all the great service. Thank you Aaron for the fair and honest dealings, and for the repairs of my little wooden giraffe! :)
— J.Braun... 15 year client

Your staff regularly comment on how great you are. I wanted to thank you for your dedication to them and to our house. Thank you!
— A. Mackay... 23 year client

To Everyone, Thank you so much for your excellent service!
— J. Holmes

To the wonderful people of A Maid For A Day who have done such a great job of cleaning my home. Thank you!
— L. Gordon

Dear A Maid For A Day... Thank you for always making every other Thursday SO GREAT!
— The Georges

Thank you for the great service. Your gals are the best!
— P. Cassley... 13 year client

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you do. It is such a joy coming home after you’ve been here
— F. Kellie

To all the good people at A Maid For A Day, Thank you for making life much more enjoyable
— T. Morgan

Thanks for your faithful, high quality work.
— B Jones... 25 Year client

Thanks’ to all of you for making our chaos clean and beautiful
— The Harders... 20 year client

Thank you for your excellent work through another year!
— The Creighton's... 25 year client

A quick note to say how impressed we are with your care in our house but most importantly, the love your staff shares with our two dogs. Thank you so much!
— B. Squires

I have really appreciated such a reliable, professional cleaning service for the past several years. Thank you very much for helping us to keep our house in such good condition
— J. Snyder

I just wanted to thank you and your staff on a job well done in cleaning our home over the past few months. It is so nice to have a house that is clean all at once, instead of having to clean one portion at a time over the week! Thanks again for the hard work
— T. Koch

Thank you so much for all of your hard work. Your service is greatly appreciated by our family. You do an excellent job! Thanks for keeping our household clean and helping us out.
— S Rosenfeld... 15 year client

Thank you for helping us keep our home clean another year (and helping us stay sane)
— Raquel & Dave... 15 year client