Are you a self-motivated, hard-working and personable individual?  A Maid For A Day may be a great fit for you!  We provide a very secure employment opportunity Monday through Friday 8:00-4:30

For employment information and to talk with us about a career at A Maid For A Day
Contact Us at: (403) 283-2500

Notes From Our Staff:

"Thank you for being the kind of boss people can respect and admire - and for being the kind of person that makes the workplace and world a nicer place to be."

"I know sometimes you feel like we don't appreciate all the nice things you do for us. Just thought I'd let you know that I appreciate what you do and I think your a wonderful boss. You are definitely one of the reasons why I enjoy working at A Maid For A Day. Thanks for everything you do!"

"You're truly the best boss ever! Your appreciation and understanding shows in all that you do. I believe you make a difference in ALL the girls lives. Thank you for the difference you've made in mine!"

"Thanks for being the kind of boss people can respect and admire - and for being the kind of person who makes the work place a nicer place to be."

"I have been with your company for almost a year. I may say thank-you every now and then and am truly thankful for who you are. With or without a smile, I understand you do your best for your employees. This may only be a card, but to me it's a BIG THANKS. You and the ladies in the office get my applause for all you do on a daily basis."

"There are not many bosses out there who take care of their staff as well as you do. It's always nice to know that we are appreciated. Thanks for everything you do... for all of us."

"Thank you for the opportunity to work at A Maid for a Day. You have been so awesome and I really appreciate all that you have done for me. Just wanted to let you know how much YOU ROCK!"